Modern Millionaires Review on Money Influence Happiness

How many times have we heard the popular saying that “if I had more money, I will be happier”. After all, rich people are being held in high esteem in society, and they seem to have everything they need just at their fingertips. Yet, many still believe money is not the source of happiness. 

In fact, various studies and research have been carried out to look into the impact of money on happiness. However, one thing that remains is that there is no hard and fast rule on the connection between money and happiness

Some demonstrated that if you are not happy before, there are high chances you won’t be when you have money. Having more can be a temporary rush of adrenaline that will soon wear off over time. While some explain that life struggles are the temporary reasons for unhappiness. Hence, money becomes the key to meeting daily needs and problems.

Whatever the case might be, the impact of money on happiness can never be ignored. Although, income increases in itself might not be the sole reason for happiness. And prioritising money over any other thing can weak havoc on the moral and psychological being. Still, money plays a role in overall well-being and happiness. With that said, here, Modern Millionaires delve deeper into the correlation between money and happiness. While at it, read more on Modern Millionaires Review for more on how the organization has helped businesses and entrepreneurs alike to reach a higher level of success.

Increased Income Means A Better Life

It only makes intuitive sense to believe that the higher the income, the higher the quality of life. One thing is money can satisfy your needs and improves the quality of life. Imagine having to pay your bills without hassle, meeting your financial requirement without second thoughts. Plus, getting to eat what want and go where you like. There is comfort, financial stability and even enjoyment. Try being poor, try being rich, I bet you will rather take the latter. It’s no surprise many will do anything to stay rich while the poor are always aspiring to be in their shoe. 

However, this does not mean one should assign more importance and value to money. Think of the first time you are able to buy a car. You enjoy the luxury of not having to go with public transport. You are a proud owner of a car. You are happy. This, however, wane off with time. The happiness is short-lived and other life’s challenges make you more miserable. This means money is good, but it is not all. 

Increased Wealth Afford Greater Autonomy And Confidence

The point is people feel richer, more financially secured and confident about their wealth. Various studies have linked low emotional well-being and life evaluation to low income. This is not to say people who earn more are not sometimes irritable, sad or angry even with the plenty they have. Moreover, upper class lives in a better environment and could afford luxurious life. This grants them more autonomy and makes them less susceptible to social and societal threat. They are more self-focused and have an increased independence which gives them a sense of security and happiness.  Lower social class on the other hand tend to be more dependence on others. They are more vulnerable to social and environmental threats. Hence, they tend to find happiness in relationships and caring for others. 

This shows that there are different reasons why people are happy. And while money might be part of them, it is not the sole determinant for happiness. 

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Modern Millionaires Review | Fastest Way To Save Money

With everyone trying to get back on track, the idea of saving money looks impossible. Yet,  many ways are available for you to save money faster. Whether you need to save up for a home, business, or emergency, learning some ways will help you overcome your obstacles and make you in control of your financial status. 

These ideas might not help you make a fortune, but will help you save faster. Most importantly, these tips can be used as many times as possible. By disciplining yourself and following set up rules, you will realize you’ve saved more money than you could ever think of. Read on as Modern Millionaire Review, a business established to help entrepreneurs get good reviews and attain success takes us through the fastest way to save money. 

Have A Budget

You need to first have a budget before you can successfully save money. The absence of budgeting is the common characteristic of someone that doesn’t save. And this has to change if you want to reach your goal.  Make a conscious decision today, budget all your income and expenses, and stick by your plan. And if you have difficulty sticking to your plan, you can try using budgeting apps. There are many available online which will help you maintain your budget and they are very easy to use.

Purchase Your Needs

Everyone wants to buy what they desire but it’s advisable to only purchase what you need if you want to save money fast. This can be achieved by asking yourself every time you are purchasing something if you need them. And you have to ditch the item if the answer is a no. 

Add To Your Stream Of Income

If you are the impatient type and want to see results quickly, adding to your stream of income is a better alternative for you to save money faster. There are many ways to achieve this but the fastest and convenient way is to get a part-time job. You can also start a side hustle that you love and enjoy such as content writing, editing, photography, art, and many more. 

Shop For Groceries In Bulk

Groceries are a very important part of our daily life, and they are unavoidable. Fortunately, there are many ways to save money when shopping for your groceries. This includes buying in bulk, having a meal plan, and many more. When you shop in bulk, you get more discounts and it also helps you know the exact amount you spend on groceries.

Sign Up For A Reward Plan

Every store always has a reward plan for everyone willing to patronize them. You can make good use of this opportunity by signing up for every reward plan you come across. You can also create a special email address only for receiving updates on the reward plan. Check for coupons and collect rewards cards. These cards will help you gain points on every purchase you made and can be used to get a better discount.

Minimize your spending

One of the fastest ways to save money is to be accountable for every money you spend. Why? Because every penny counts and you don’t need to depend on someone to achieve it. 

Sell what you don’t need

Take a tour around your house and identify things you don’t need. Put them out for sale at a cheaper price and you can sell them on different online platforms such as, eBay, and others. You can also advertise it on your social media accounts such as Snapchat or Instagram if you have a large number of followers.

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Financial Superhero And Become Modern Millionaires

Superheroes possess those traits and attributes that differentiate them from everyone else. The extraordinary abilities and power, the skills, the courage, the great sense of responsibility, the intelligence, and speed. Being a superhero has always been everyone’s dream while young which seems to fade as we realize it’s just an illusion. However, you can still be that superhero- financially. Financial superheroes come in different forms, debt repayers, super savers, investors, those helping us make sense of our finance through their own experiences, and many more. If they can do it, why can’t you? Here, financial heroes, modern Millionaires shares tips on how you can be one. For more, check out the Modern Millionaires Review to see how they have made the world of finance easier, better, and greater for many. How can you be a financial hero? Keep reading for the inside scoop! 

 You Hone Your Skills

What can you do better than others? What are your skills and talents? You can persuade people and seal deals. You are not afraid to speak in public and present your ideas. You understand the power of writing words and you are good at it. You know codes and programming languages. Identify things you good at and capitalize on them. While at it, hone your skills and become a master in it. You can also make use of training and mentors to refine your strong skills. 

You Know Your Good And Bad Habits

Just like there is a pattern in rich people, there is also a pattern in those that are having financial struggles. These are what can be called the habits that can negatively impact your finance. It could be making impulse purchases, being neck-deep in debt, making purchases often with credit cards, buying liabilities over assets, or even procastination.  These habits might be what is eating up your finance and stopping you from becoming financially stable.

You Turn Your Bad Habits Into Good

You need help on how you can take control of your finances. This means you need an action plan to cut off those bad habits and work towards a better one that promotes financial success. Start by creating a financial budget and stick to it. Quit impulse purchase and only buy things you need. After all, this hasn’t been doing you any good than draining your pocket. Consider tossing your credit cards into a drawer and commit to living without one. The goal is to cultivate good habits that lead to financial success.  

You Know Your Strengths And Weaknesses

When it comes to financing, what are your greatest strengths and weaknesses? Are you good at making a budget and sticking to them? Maybe, you are the person that doesn’t care if anyone around you is buying the latest expensive designers or your Instagram friend just got a sleek Porsche car. Maybe you are still struggling with organizing and keeping a tab of your finance. Whether you are strong or weak in these areas, knowing your strengths and weaknesses are the steps to setting goals that create paths to financial success. 

You Have Detailed Plan And Action Strategies

Now that you know your strengths and weaknesses, what next? Actions plans. It’s time to capitalize on what you do well and work on where you need help. Whether it’s self-improvement or outsourcing your financial plan to an expert, you need to have an action plan and work towards making it happen. Even the financial heroes are always open to feedback that helps drive improvement and success. 

Ready to scale your way to success? Modern Millionaires is your all-access pass to skills, tips, experts, and network to get you started. While at it, check out Modern Millionaires Review for proof of how many have been transformed and taken to a higher level. 

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Dealshare Raises $21million To Expand Its E-Commerce

DealShare is an e-commerce company founded in India to help the lower and middle-income groups meet their daily needs. The company announced they’ve raised $21million in new funding rounds and it will be used in expanding their footprint across the nation. The funding was led by WestBridge Capital, with support from Alpha Wave Incubation — a venture fund oversaw by Falcon Edge Capital, Z3Partners, and existing speculators Matrix Partners India and Omidyar Network India. Many independent investors also participate in the funding making DealShare raised a total of $34 million in two years. 

DealShare kicks off when Walmart bought Flipkart, which its founder and chief executive Vineet Rao announced at a recent conference held virtually. Rao said although Amazon and Flipkart are well known and functioning well in the urban cities of India, many places in the nation have not yet been reached therefore someone needs to step in and do something. In the beginning, many customers were only interested in purchasing cheap items and the ones on discount Rao added. But, today, the business is booming and customers now appreciate its existence. Also, the start-up e-commerce offers cashback deals on products that you can share with your friends and family and operate in over twenty-five cities in India.

DealShare start-up e-commerce focused mainly on products that are produced locally instead of international brands and 80% to 90% of the items they sell are manufactured in India. “We started building a network of these suppliers. It was very tough because none of these guys fancied joining modern retail like e-commerce. Some of them had tried to work with e-commerce firms before but the experience left a lot to be desired,” he said.

Here, modern millionaires takes an indepth look into how e-commerce is a game changer and how DealShare is revolutionizing the industry. Before diving, go through Modern Millionaires Review to know how he has transformed many entrepreneurs by helping them to build a successful million-dollar business through his outstanding expertise. 

Dealshare is taking the whole ecommerce game to another level. This is because there are many Indian population residing in the non-metros and this company has discovered a huge business opportunity in these regions. The company takes an indepth look at what is missing and work towards filling the void. The buying pattern, the market was analysed and DealShare put in the efforts to understand the nuances and make things happen. Over the last 2 years, the results has been remarkable as the company still maintains a their focus on cost-effective, high impact model. 

DealShare has worked hard on boosting its finances and the result has been profitable. The company will also use its newly acquired fund to increase its growth by increasing its local network source,  investing in the technology stack, expanding into new states, cities, and many more. “With this round of investment, we will augment our brand presence across existing and new markets. Over the next year, we are targeting to increase our footprint to 100 cities and towns across five states,” added Sourjyendu Medda, the Chief Business Officer of  DealShare. 

Another remarkable thing is the way the company scale their way up to success amidst the pandemic. The founder of DealShare stated that the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the growth of the company. The good thing is DealShare has already go the extra mile by partnering with local manufacturers. With this, there have been an increase in demand during the covid 19 crisis. The lockdown measures has made customers understood the importance of online platforms as many realise they can get better quality products at affordable price delivered to their doorsteps. Even with things getting back to normal, ecommerce is here to stay.

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Modern Millionaires Review |Amazon Helping Small Businesses in Covid-19

No doubt, the covid 19 crisis spares nothing and no one- lives, businesses, countries, and even the economy. However, it appears small businesses tend to get the hardest hit. While some braced up for the catastrophic impact of the pandemic, many found themselves sinking into debt. Thanks, to an e-commerce giant such as Amazon stepping in during this period to help covid-hit small businesses. And while many might have a negative judgment of the company, its impact during this period of crisis cannot go unnoticed. With lockdown measures being eased in most countries, small business entrepreneurs are not just positive but also expecting growth in 3–5 years post covid. Looks like there is still hope left on the horizon. Hence, Modern Millionaires Review, a million-dollar business, helping forward-thinking entrepreneurs make a mark in the business world look into ways in which Amazon has helped small businesses during these trying times. Before diving in, take look into the Modern millionaire’s reviews to see how many businesses have been transformed and how entrepreneurs are taking hold of their businesses despite the crisis.

Amazon prime day is a game-changer

Not only has Amazon helped small to medium-sized businesses thrive digitally online through online sales, but the company also reported the highest prime day ever since it started. The sales are huge this time, surpassing $3.5 billion, almost 60 percent year-over-year increase, Amazon explains in a press release.

The annual 2-days prime day was postponed for months as a result of covid 19. As the lockdown measures eased, the event was held and it seems to be a great one for many entrepreneurs, including the minority business owners. Since the lockdown, the platform is experiencing a continuous spike in sales with no sign of slowing down. While many might be looking at the negative ways the company has impacted small brick and mortar business (no doubt, with the rapid shift to online shopping due to stay at home order) how about changing the story and see how businesses have benefited from being on Amazon.

Small businesses are going digital

With Amazon’s global selling, small businesses have been able to reach customers across the globe which has boosted their visibility and sales. From essential goods to handmade artisans to bookselling… you name it. Almost anything can be sold anywhere through the power of eCommerce. A platform that houses millions of small and medium businesses, many have been able to sail through this period of trials with online shopping while meeting customers’ demands. A much-needed help in a world that is cracked with uncertainties. It’s no surprise that the number of small businesses registering on Amazon has skyrocket following the ease in the lockdown restrictions. Amazon has won the heart of many small business owners considering the boost in sales and the revenue generate as a third-party seller serving the customers directly through the behemoth platform. Not to forget that the company represent over 90 percent of all US businesses while providing job opportunities to more than half of the workforce.

This means if you are a brick-and-mortar struggling during the pandemic, and you are yet to dive into the online world, you might be missing out on a whole lot of business opportunities and growth. Amazon is helping small businesses revive their business, it’s time for more local shops, brands, businesses, to jumpstart eCommerce and scale their business.

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Modern Millionaires Review |Corporate Credit Card Advantages

Corporate cards have been serving big organizations for years and it remains one of the important tools in managing organization expenses while boosting employees satisfactions. They are cards issued to employees of established organizations for spending on authorized business expenses in order to avoid spending out of their pockets. From payment of restaurant bills to hotel lodgings to plane tickets, corporate credit cards become a standard form of payment of employee expenses.

Corporate cards are typically for big industry players which are regarded as corporations and are registered as S or C. This is not to say small start-ups are left out but rather can opt for small business credit, a great solution to meet business purchases made by employees of small firms. However, over the years, corporate credit cards have attracted a lot of sentiments. While some people feel corporate credit cards will increase employees’ purchasing power, others think it is an instrument to stack up large bills. Whatever, the case, credit cards can offer a wide range of benefits for your business than you think, that is if done right. Here, Modern Millionaires Review, an organization helping others to succeed through their own experiences walks you through while you might need a corporate credit card for your business. While there, check out Modern Millionaires reviews for more tips and proof of how many have scaled through the business world and skyrocket their way to success.

Take Advantage Of Both Personal And Business Reward

One of the benefits of a corporate credit card is the rewards that come with having one. Fund rebates, discounts on air travel, hotels frequent guest rewards, cash backs, or gift backs, there is a wide range of reward programs that cardholders can benefit from. A win for employees as some of the points earned can be transferred from your corporate credit card to a personal account. Of course, the employer can decide to use the points earned on each employee’s spending to rescue the total annual spending. Or it can serve as incentives for employees who are well-performed in an organization.

Reduce Cost And The Likelihood Of Fraud

Spending money on personal stuff, adding larger tips on the money spent. Submitting expenses on unused items. Going for business class only to downgrade to the economy when expenses have been deducted, unnecessary waste, and expenses. We have seen it all and employees have a way of either involving in indirect fraud or turning legitimate expenses into fraudulent practices. Thanks to tools for reporting and analytics provided by some card issuers, organizations can now keep track of what is being spent and for what. As the finance team has access to every transaction carried out, you do not have to worry about expense fraud in your business anymore.

Be In Control Of Your Spending

While many complain about corporate credit card as an open door to excess spending and bills, this can be controlled with the help of programs and tools which allows classifying of transactions and reporting of expenses. Organizations can easily limit the purchasing power of employees, control where the cards can be used, at which locations, and for what. A good way to curb excess spending and control travel expenses. On the employee part, spending out of your pocket and waiting for reimbursement has always been a challenge. With a corporate credit card, you have financial relief while still in charge of finance.

A Happy Staff Is A Productive Staff

Employees do not have to spend from their pocket, plus they might get to enjoy card rewards. This can be an extra boost to their morales and serve as a key to increasing value and productivity.

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How To Make Money On Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia, the new game of ghost hunting that finally come from nowhere amid the pandemic and is taking everyone by storm. Phasmophobia is about a four-player that goes into a detective game about the ghost. A game that leaves you glued to your system without noticing the passing of time, while you get lost in the world of ghost hunting. However, phasmophobia is not only about hunting for ghosts, it’s also a money-making game where you get the right professional panorama equipment to get going. How do you make money from this? Read on as Modern Millionaires, a multi-billion business that has walked their way to success, and helping others to do the same walks you through the 2 main ways you can turn your phasmophobia into making good money. Before diving in, go through Modern Millionaires Review for more on how you can make money fast, easy, and without much effort.

The player initially starts with a small amount of money to buy little equipment. However, there will be a need to acquire more money that helps safeguard you against apparitions or give you valuable insights that can help identify ghosts. There are 2 main ways you can make money which is taking ghost activities photos and completing the main objective. Now, understand that your monetary reward lies in the difficulty of your encounter and how well you are able to survive it. Let’s delve deeper into how.

Take photos

A good phasmophobia photographer will make as much money simply by taking photos and the more photos were taken, the more the money increases. However, if you take photos that portray the same evidence or fall into the same category, there is no monetary reward for it. There are only certain pictures taken during the game that will attract rewards and it ranges from $5-$10. They fall into these categories with each representing figuring out what type of ghost is in a Location, ghost activities and interactions, ghost fingerprint or footprint, a dead body, and many more.

Ghost: players need to get the shot of a ghost or its shadow when it arrives. First call out the name or ask questions to know which room the ghost is located.


With the help of UV light or glow sticks, you can easily identify their fingerprint or footprint.

Dirty Water in the sink

Want to get the picture of a dirty water in the sink? Just irritate the gbost and watch it turn on the faucet in the kitchen or bathroom. Voila, take the picture of dirty water for more money.

Ouija Board/Voodoo Doll

Ouija Board/Voodoo Doll appears when a ghost is presence. Immediately you get to see it appear on the map, take a shot.

Ghost interaction

Ghost involves in activities such as turning on the radio, turning off the lights, opening and closing doors. When this happens, it’s time to take pictures.

Dead body

Your teammate died but you can make money from the sad situation by taking a picture of the corpse.


When you see a bone lying around in the building, it signals the presence of a ghost. Get your camera and take pictures.

This means the camera becomes an important instrument on your journey. Hence, if you want to make more money, you need more cameras to make more.

Completing objective

Of course, the easiest form of making money on phasmophobia is by completing the main task. This can be anything as simple as discovering the ghost room to a difficult one like seeing a ghost. To get the most of it, one needs to stay alive while getting the objective completed.

For more on money making tips, success on career and business world, check out Modern Millionaires Review.

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Modern Millionaires Review Discover Great Business Ideas During Pandemic

Do you find it difficult to attain success in your business During Pandemic? Let modern millionaires help you out. Go through the Modern Millionaires Review for more information.

Adjusting to the new ways of life has been very difficult for many people all over the world. From struggling to be optimistic about life, to adjusting a new routine while facing many uncertainties. The pandemic has affected both the government and citizens and has severely impacted the world”s economy. Although it has been declared as the world’s world global recession, however, it doesn’t mean your hope is lost as an entrepreneur. In fact, many businesses have been born amidst the crisis and are still going strong. Entrepreneurs see opportunities and they jump on it. Is this not part of the makeup of a successful entrepreneur?

As an entrepreneur, this is an avenue to turn the global crisis into a business opportunity. This is a time to be creative and innovative as the current situation has created an opportunity to develop new ideas that can impact the world and implementing these ideas will not only provide more revenue for you but also help your community. It might feel overwhelming especially if you do not have any experience, however, having the right plan, and executing it perfectly will lead to success. Do you need help in implementing your business ideas? Modern Millionaires is here to help you attain success in your business with their expert tips. You can also check out the modern millionaires’ review for more knowledge. 

Make use of the three Rs

The phrase is mostly used by business executives which means rapid, revenue, recovery. This strategy is important if you want to strengthen your business. Recovering your revenue gradually is not enough, you need to reevaluate your revenue profile, stay ahead of your competitors, and build a long-term goal. How can you achieve this? By taking actions, restructuring your operating mode which must be focused on how your employers work best, and increasing your digital channels. As an entrepreneur, you need to be ingenuity and know what many people will value most after the pandemic. This will give you insights on how to rebuild your business operations.

Know how your team works

Things have not been the same since the beginning of the pandemic, therefore, you need to know how productive your team her. Are they productive while working separately? Or they need to be together. Also, take your time to see where there is financial waste, work overload, ineffective use of time, or incompetency in the organization. Knowing this will help you correct these areas which make your business improve and come back stronger. 

Ask for assistance

Do you want to expand your business? Or you are in the middle of a financial crisis? Asking the government for assistance will help you achieve your dream. Many funding options such as The Paycheck Protective Programme, SBA Debt Relief, and many more are available and they are sponsored by both the state and federal governments. Grants are also available for small businesses and they are provided by agencies like the Unite State Economic Development Association,, USDA Rural Development Grants, and many more. You can also talk to your tax adviser to know the tax relief that is currently available. 

Take charge

Take time to reflect on your business. Have a business plan, write down your goal, and focus on it. Be present to interact with your employers. Tell them your goals and work together with your team to achieve it., do not be contented with what you know. Develop and strengthen your skills by studying and attending seminars and conferences. This is an opportunity to build a successful business and stay ahead of your competitor. 

 Do you find it difficult to attain success in your business? Let modern millionaires help you out. Go through the Modern Millionaires Review for more information. 

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Modern Millionaires Review- Four Great Financial Tips for Millennials

Modern Millionaires Review New York US is here with four great Financial Tips. Being millennials can sometimes be challenging. You stay in a city with a high cost of living that is eating up your income. You are living off on expendable income with a student loan chipping up your bank. Plus, as millennials, we simply love living today with the hope that the future will take care of itself. These and many more are reasons why many are living from paycheck to paycheck talkless of saving and investing. The covid 19 pandemics have not been nicer either. With the increase in job loss and salary cuts, many have found themselves in the pit of financial challenges. How can millennials get hold of their finances and set the stage for a comfortable financial future? Modern millionaires, a business helping others attain financial freedom through their money-making expertise share great financial tips to help the 20s navigate their finance- and even live a better life than their parents. Go through the Modern Millionaires Review for more and get hold of your finance now, you aren’t getting any younger.

Save and automate your finance

You might have probably heard of savings a number of times but still, find it hard to save. The first thing you want to do is to track your expenses and cut down on your spending. Then, see your savings as bills that you must pay no matter what. Have a fixed amount for savings each month and set a budget on how much goes for bills and loans, how much for entertainment and happy time, and how much goes for saving.  While at it, automate your savings to ensure you didn’t deviate from your financial plans. You will be surprised how much you could save up.

Build an emergency fund

Life sometimes takes its toll and you never can tell what can come up when you least expected it. Job loss, illness, or injury, a small business venture that went down the drail and even Covid 19. That is where emergency funds come in. 3 months of your earnings stored up in a high yielding saving account is fine (6 months is better and a year of your income is even great). This is a fund to fall back on at the hour of crisis or when an unplanned scenario comes knocking.

Invest and build wealth

The mistake most millennials do is to think they don’t have enough money to save up for investment and not investing at all. There is no better time to start investing than now and you can start with whatever you can. Consider low-cost funds such as mutual funds and ones that offer tax-free returns. You can also diversify your investment or opt for low-risk options such as gold, employer’s 401(k). This way you can beat inflation, minimize loss, and secure great returns for the future.

Don’t live for the gram

The wake of social media has got the younger generation comparing themselves to others. When scrolling on Instagram or Facebook, it’s hard not to buy into the nervous twitch of comparison. Someone that could already afford to travel around the world. An Instagram friend that just got a new apartment. So and so that got a brand new car as a birthday present. Cut it off! No one shows their struggles on social media and you will be shocked at the reality of the life behind insta-glam. Set your goals and work towards it. Know you are not living for anyone else but you.

To gain financial independence and build a terrific financial empire you have always desired, modern millionaires have all it takes to walk you through it all. For more, browse through Modern Millionaire Review and see how lives and businesses have been changed for the best financially.

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Modern Millionaires Review US Middle Class Calculator Income Level

Everyone desires to be rich, in fact, super-rich, or to quickly climb the career ladder. This is the reason why many look up to multi-millionaires and desperately want answers to their long-held questions. How did they do it?  What does it take? And more reasons why we all want to know the income category we belong-lower, middle, or high. The point is middle class is the gateway to achieving your goals. As a middle class, you can easily push beyond the average, set expectations, and strategize to work towards the end goal. Here, modern millionaires, a self-made multi-million dollar business that is teaching others how to create a career path and become successful in the business world recommend a calculator to know if you belong to the middle-class income group. Plus, they provide secrets on how to nail that million dollars that you have always desired. Too good to be true? Check out Modern Millionaires Review to see how they help people reach the greater heights they deserve. Remember, you do not just want to be a millionaire, you want to be a multimillionaire.

Find Out Your Income Level

The recent  Pew Research Center calculator can determine the economic bracket you belong to. It takes into cognizance your pretax income, location, and people of your age, income, ethnicity, and marital status of others in your area. The calculator allows you to put in your state, metropolitan area, household size, age, education, income before taxes, and the number of people in your household to run the basic calculation. The pew website is only a google away and you can easily locate the calculator page to know which category you belong to.

Pew research of 2018 finds out that about half of Americans, 52% of US adults are middle class. Around three-in-ten (29%) were in lower-income households while 19% belong to upper-income households. How about being among the 19% of the upper class? Here is how

How To Go From The Middle Class To Multi-Millionaires

Have A Multi-Millionaire Mindset

The middle class can not only be defined by income or education alone but also the mindset. If you want to become rich, start to form the mindset and that means saying bye to poverty thinking. The “money doesn’t grow on a tree”, “ stop wasting resources”, “ being rich makes you evil” especially if you are raised in a household that complains about lack or limited resources or that criticizes the rich. How about “people that are rich don’t have two heads, you can also be one”.

Be Your Own Boss

The middle class aims to reach the success ladder but rich people own the ladder. This means you cannot be working for someone and expect to be rich. You have got to step out of your comfort zone and be ready to create and build your own empire. Put simply, be your own boss.

Work Smart

Yes, everyone needs to put in some work if they want to reach the top. However, sometimes, it is not all about working hard but working smart. This is where the middle- class misses it. Let your money work for you, not you working for money. Outsource, invest, diversify, be involved in multiple businesses, have a bag of the portfolio of investment. Have multiple streams of income. Be rich!

Looking for more help in building your own financial empire? Stop by modern millionaires for more and once there, read Modern Millionaires Review as proves of how business-oriented leaders have successfully owned and built their way to the success ladder.

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